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DW|Chapter| Ashen Phoenix

Crazy Pole
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DW|Chapter| Ashen Phoenix

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[align=center]Ashen Phoenix[/align]

Battle Cries: “From The Ashes! From The Fire!”/ ”Dead and Back!” (only while fighting alongside other imperial troops).
Progenitor Chapter: Salamanders
Chapter Master: Abydos
Homeworld: Narthis IV (Segmentum Obscurus)
Fortress-Monastery: Citadel of the Eternal Flame.
Main Colors: Steel, Persimmon, Sangria
Specialty: Mobile guerilla warfare (Formerly – close combat assault)
Battle Barges: “Purifying Flame”, “Blazing Vengeance”

“Our history? What makes you think I will share it with you Inquisitor? We were once dead, and we returned cleansed by fire. That’s all.” – Sergeant Meryetneb facing an Inquisitor’s curiosity

The history of the Ashen Phoenix chapter begins with the third founding. Created from the geneseed of the Salamanders the Phoenix Marines (as the Ashen Phoenix were then named) took part in the ending of the 2nd Black Crusade. Since then they have been mentioned in several sources like the “Pacification of Dre-ann” or the “Apocrypha of Raathen”. From those sources can be gleaned that the Phoenix Marines were experts in daring close combat assaults, valued for their sheer ferocity during close quarter engagements. From their own sources and from the fact that they often cooperated with Ultramarine successor chapters emerges an image of strict adherence to the Codex Astartes. This would place them among many of the indistinctive successor chapters which follow the doctrines of Guilliman, but fate changed the Phoenix Marines into what they are now, the Ashen Phoenix.
In M38 a vast chaos fleet compromised of several traitorous warbands of Space Marines attacked Narthis IV, the homeworld of the Phoenix Marines. In an epic effort much of the chaos fleet was destroyed by the Space Marines own fleet, which lost only one major vessel, the battle barge “Inferno of Faith”. However the majority of the traitorous forces managed to deploy to the surface. Normally a single chapter at full strength with most of it’s companies at home would be able to deal with an invasion without any problems, and the Phoenix Marines had all of their companies at hand since they prepared to embark on a campaign in the eastern reaches of Segmentum Obscurus (the ill-fated conquest of the Phantasm Nebula). But then disaster struck the faithful servants of the emperor. A warp storm of unknown quality enveloped the whole system, the ships in orbit were sent adrift, with less than 22% of their crews managing to make planet fall safely, after setting the ships into a permanent orbit position. Without orbital support the scales of balance tipped towards the invaders, who immediately started to attack outlying locations to lure the Phoenix Marines from their fortress monastery. Following the precepts of the Codex Astartes the Phoenix Marines fought valiantly against the invaders, even when faced with supply problems due to a shortage of strategic resources. The Chaos Space Marines used sorcery and misdirection to mount a sneak attack against the undermanned fortress monastery. Staffed only with elements of the 1st company and almost every single dreadnought the fortress was not an easy target. During the quick siege the kill ratio favored the servants of the emperor, for every fallen brother the space marines killed ten or more of their enemies. In a desperate effort the chaos commanders rounded up every civilian in the vicinity to be used as a meat shield. The unyielding battle brothers massacred not only the civilians but also the attackers while being oblivious to the fact that this was just another ploy of the enemy. The true attack came from the sky as chaos raptors and demons descended upon the beleaguered defenders. Within minutes a breach was established and the slaughter began. One by one the ranks of the first company were decimated. Faced with no choice Chapter Master Nefertep sent a small group of marines with the sacred copy of the Codex Astartes and the Chapter Banner out through the tunnels hidden beneath the monastery. Then he overloaded the core of the Generatorum. In one blinding flash the fortress monastery and most of the mountain in which it was housed disappeared, with them died not only the 1st company and the dreadnoughts but also the Phoenix Marines.
The chapter’s second-in-command, Captain Sennakth of the second company received the news of the fall of the fortress together with the colours of the chapter.
Among the Ashen Phoenix brothers circles a tale that this was the only time one of them shed tears, for as the assembled forces of the Ashen Phoenix stood on the rocky plains they saw that they were truly alone and no one could help them and that their hopes for defeating the enemy vaporized. As chapter master Sennakth looked at the copy of the Codex Astartes he bitterly realized that not a single page was devoted to what he right now faced, leading his own chapter into demise. Only the inner circle of officers among the Ashen Phoenix know the exact words spoken by the new chapter master, and they know that repeating them would spell the doom for the chapter for they were words of heresy. Every initiate knows that on this day the Codex Astartes burned, it’s priceless pages transcribed on Ultramar turned into ash and with them the Phoenix Marines chapter. Gone were the companies, gone were the differences between squads. Initiates and veterans stood side by side as equals when Sennakth called upon them, the Ashen Phoenix to destroy the enemy. What followed was a mad campaign of hit-and-run attacks on the CSMs holed up in the cities. Constantly on the move the Ashen Phoenix waged a campaign of attrition on an enemy that vastly outmanned and outgunned them. The new tactics changed the chapter and forced a complete reinvention of almost every element of organization. In the end the Ashen Phoenix were victorious, but still trapped by the warp storm that enveloped the system. It is due to the stubborn endurance displayed by the marines and the fanatic loyalty of the population of Narthis IV that they managed to survive almost 400 years while being cut off from the empire while still maintaining the reduced chapter alive. The warp dispersed and the survivors sent out a Gladius-class frigate with a skeleton crew onboard to request help, the inquisition arrived instead. The Ashen Phoenix met the inquisitor lord with distrust, for he came to test their purity. The invasion was covered up by the chapter master, after all not all renegade Space Marines worshiped chaos. The investigation was stalled and redirected to push aside any doubt or suspicion. In time the Ashen Phoenix were declared true servants of the Emperor. But this declaration meant nothing to the administratum as Narthis IV was termed lost to warp and the output of the great Forge Worlds, sworn to provide the space marines with equipment, diverted to other chapters. A cold bitterness crept into many hearts as the allies of Ashen Phoenix turned them away like pariahs. Not ones to be defeated by bureaucrats the Ashen Phoenix used what they had to recreate themselves and their homeworld. While no direct reports exist, the inquisition noted that in the centuries after their “rebirth” the Ashen Phoenix brothers were seen supporting several warring factions on imperial planets. This mercenary activity allowed the Chapter to rebuild their fortress-monastery and to revive the economy of their homeworld. New pacts were forged with the Adeptus Mechanicus and the battle-brothers of the Ashen Phoenix were one of the first to receive the Mk8 armor for “services rendered”. Since then the Ashen Phoenix reestablished themselves among the Space Marines, but to this day they despise the administratum for abandoning them.

“Even the Salamanders tremble when they see the fire that lives in every Ashen Phoenix” – Scout Captain Shuseneb

Geneseed Purity
Most organs remain intact with no mutations save for the Occulobe and the Mucranoid.
The Occulobe is the more mutated of the two organs. It’s main function has over time been distorted which led to a major mutation of the eye and tear ducts. The iris changed to a shade of red while the sclera turned black. The tear ducts stopped working normally and instead produced small amounts of an oily liquid which covered the eye at all times making blinking completely superfluous. This mutation is not clearly understood by the apothecaries since it appeared not due to outside influence or a failure of the organ. The changes to the Mucranoid however stand in direct reaction to the harsh desert climate of Narthis IV and the fire rituals practiced first by the Phoenix Marines and later by the Ashen Phoenix. The mutation removed the Mucranoid’s ability to protect against cold and vacuum, and instead increased the marines ability to withstand extreme heat. As an additional effect it also made the skin of every Ashen Phoenix very dry and rough.

“We stand alone before the Golden Throne! Our brothers abandoned us in our time of need, those whose sole duty was to be mindful of our presence have forgotten us! And yet we still stand! This is our holy duty! This is our unending vigil! This is our greatest gift for Him on Earth!” – Sermon of Netjeraha, Master of Sanctity

The core beliefs of the Ashen Phoenix are still anchored in the beliefs of their progenitors, the Salamanders. They are however different from the Promethean Cult of their forebears, because where the Cult espouses self-reliance and loyalty the Ashen Phoenix believe in distrust and survivalism. Many of the old rituals performed by the Phoenix Marines have been changed to fit the idea that the Ashen Phoenix stand alone before the Emperor. Among them is the tradition of the fire gift, a ritual during which captured enemy trophies are burned as an offering to Him on Earth. The faith of the Ashen Phoenix is also unique in the fact that save for the few chapter heroes the whole worship is commenced in the name of the Emperor and no one else, the Progenitor cult so common among chapters created from 1st Founding Legions being totally absent (this is due to the fact that the Salamanders are counted among those who have abandoned the Ashen Phoenix during the Siege, making Vulkan and his Legion unworthy of worship). The faith held by every brother of the Ashen Phoenix borders on fanaticism, their survival against all odds, their rebirth and subsequent victories have all led the chapter towards the belief that as long as their faith and loyalty stay pure, they will never be defeated or destroyed. The belief is also present among the human inhabitants of Narthis IV.

“This is my home, I have no other. I will protect it, even if I have to burn it to cinders to deny it from the likes of you, heretic.” – Chapter Master Nefertep during the Siege

Narthis IV is an unforgiving planet of high mesas, rocky deserts, rugged mountain ranges and shallow seas. The people of Narthis IV live in large hives carved downward into the surface near the seas. The only exception to this is the rebuilt Citadel of Eternal Flame which rises up towards the sky as a sign of defiance of the Ashen Phoenix. Besides the few hive cities there exist only a few settlements, mostly in deep canyons that protect the population from the sun. The people of Narthis IV are fanatical adherents of the creed spread by the space marine chaplains, a set of beliefs which borders on heresy according to the ministorum, but the protection of the chapter goes a long way towards shielding their “people”. In the times before the invasion the population followed the “standard” imperial cult, but the 400 years fused the worship of the emperor with the faith of the Ashen Phoenix. The planet is governed in the name of the chapter by the Lord Seneschal, who’s investiture is the only time when common humans are allowed beyond the Fortress-Monastery’s Great Hall.

The Fortress Monastery
Built atop the old Fortress Monastery, the Citadel of Eternal Flame defies the standards set upon by the other chapters. It is notable in it’s paradox layers of protection that are combined with many gates and ways out. Additionally many common elements of fortress-monasteries have been repurposed to better fit the values and ideas of the unorthodox chapter.
The Great Hall’s walls are filled with prayers of the marines, battle cries of notable commanders and not a single trophy since everything the Ashen Phoenix claim is ritually burned. The Barbican sits atop the Great Hall, and serves as the first sign of the Chapters strength since it is always staffed with more than 40 Space Marines, among them many of the more personable ones. Connected to the Barbican is the main Teleportorium, it’s chambers are discretely filled with emplacements so that the monastery’s defenders are able to slaughter anyone stupid enough to teleport here using deceit.
The main courtyard leads to the main buildings of the monastery. The first serves as the main meeting place between brothers and outsiders, as it contains the various Oratoriums, the Guest Chambers and the large Refectory which lies below the ground level for easier access to the underground storage rooms. The Guest Chambers are austere and unforgiving, they contain only the bare necessities and show the visiting guests (Inquisitors, Administratum envoys etc.) what the chapter thinks of them. A second smaller set of guest chambers is reserved for visiting members of the population of Narthis IV, among them the Lord Seneschal and the Chaplain-Bishop. Those are opulent and comfortable, to show the respect of the brothers towards those who stood with them in their time of need. The whole fortress contains only one chapel which also serves as the Reclusiam and the Assimularum. It’s always filled with brothers who either come here to pray or to gather before assignments. The temperature here is high enough to induce a heat stroke in a normal human, but due to the mutation of the Mucranoid the brothers are unaffected by this.
The Marines live in several different buildings which contain a room for every marine, the chapters Sergeants and Officers receive larger rooms and suites with the Chapter Master having a whole level of the top spire of the monastery for himself. This level is always furnished to the tastes and needs of the current master, Lord Abydos’s pre-occupation with weapons made it similar to an armory filled with imperial wargear, while his predecessor Lord Sethnofre preferred to keep his library at hand.

“From the ashes we will rise, like the Phoenix to the skies.” – Chapter Master Sennakth

The chapter structure typical to the Codex chapters has been abandoned during the re-creation of the chapter. The current organization reflects the highly flexible approach taken by Lord Sennakth after the invasion of Narthis IV ended. The Ashen Phoenix are not divided into companies, their only permanent organizational element is the squad which numbers twelve brother-marines. The squads are deployed in Battlegroups of three squads or more, commanded by the Chapters officers, the Chapter Master, the ten Captains and the Master of the Monastery, who is responsible for the defense of the whole system. Deviating from the standard system of rank the Ashen Phoenix lack a Master of Initiates who’s role is supplanted by the other captains. Also different is the rank of Scout Captain, the senior scout marine who is responsible for maintaining the chapters intelligence gathering systems and training the squads in guerrilla tactics. Officially the Ashen Phoenix number slightly less than the Codex Standard, this number however is as false as the respect shown to the administratum by the chapter. This is due to the fact that the number given is for those squads that are currently serving as elements of a Battlegroup, the squads serving under the command of the Master of the Monastery (a rotating assignment) are completely absent, just like the position of the Master himself. This means that the true number of Brothers of the chapter oscillates between 1100 and 1200. While the Ashen Phoenix know that they tread a very thin ice with the number of additional marines they have, it has been decided that the risks are worth it, since only a madman would attack an astartes homeworld that has two companies worth of space marines on high alert at all times. Also absent from official tallies are brother-marines on leaves of absence, something completely unknown to other chapters. This tradition has been created to reaffirm the bond between the population of Narthis IV and the chapter, and is undertaken by brothers who are to be promoted to a higher rank. The brother on leave makes a pilgrimage to his place of birth, be it an outpost in the middle of the desert or the underhive of a large city. This pilgrimage is often a test in itself as the brother marine travels on foot through the unforgiving landscape of Narthis IV.

“Let them burn.” – Sergeant Banenkhet

The squads of the Ashen Phoenix do not specialize to the extent of other chapters and are skilled in the use of every item in their armoury. It is not uncommon to see tactical squads equipped for close combat that also include brothers using heavy weaponry or assault weapons like storm bolters or plasma guns. Due to the loss of their 1st company the Ashen Phoenix do not own Terminator armor, and because of their preference for mobility they have no need for it. Similarly the whole chapter lacks dreadnaughts, since almost all were destroyed with the 1st company. Those that weren’t stationed in the fortress-monastery were subsequently lost during the war against the invaders. To compensate for this the Ashen Phoenix field large numbers of vehicles, most squads have access to bikes, rhinos, razorbacks and land speeders, additionally the whole chapter keeps enough jump-packs on hand to furnish whole companies with them as needed. This plays well with the Ashen Phoenix reliance on mobility and sudden attacks.
Standing out is also the fact that most Land Raiders in the Ashen Phoenix armory belong to the Crusader variant, a deviation from the standard pattern armed with the Godhammer Lascannons, the Land Raiders in question are nothing more than hallowed relics of the chapter’s past as the close-combat oriented Phoenix Marines. The schematics for the Crusader were obtained by salvaging a Black Templar vehicle, without the previous owner’s consent, which is still a sore point between the two chapters even after the passing of many millenia.
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Re: DW|Chapter| Ashen Phoenix

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Chapter Symbol

Chapter Master Abydos

Assault Marine with Jump Pack and Bolter

Pre-Invasion Colour Scheme
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Re: DW|Chapter| Ashen Phoenix

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1d5 Result|Past Experience
1|Served at the Fortress Monastery - You have served a stint as one of the defenders of the Citadel of Eternal Flame, this allowed you to meet many visitors, some friendly towards your Chapter, but most not.
2|Allied Service - For a time you and your brother marines have been seconded to help the chapters closest allies, the Mechanicum. This led to a heightened respect for the technology of the Imperium.
3|Guerrilla Campaign - You participated in a hit and run campaign against the enemies of the Imperium, giving you a unique perspective on the ways in which Space Marines can wage war.
4|Bike Driver - You have served as a bike driver, allowing you to hone your driving and survival skills as you ranged far and wide with your squad across wastelands and battlegrounds.
5|Took on a Pilgrimage - You undertook a pilgrimage back to your place of birth, through hardships and contact with the people of your home world, you have reaffirmed your faith in the Emperor and Mankind.
Why was the Chapter Founded?: Strategic Prognostication
When was the Chapter Founded?: 32nd Millennium
Progenitor: Salamanders
Gene-Stock Purity: A New Generation
Demeanor: Swift as the Wind
Chapter Flaw: We Stand Alone
Chapter Characteristic: +5 to two characteristics
Chapter Legends:
-Chapter Master (Nefertep/Sacrificed himself for the survival of the Chapter)
-Salamanders Battle Brother (Akios/Fought against a Craftworld [Lugganath])
-Master of Sanctity (Nehakha/Bane of Orks)
Home World: Hive World
Home World Terrain: Desert
Relationship with Home World: Stewardship
Chapter Organization: Unique Organization
Combat Doctrine: Lightning Strike
Solo Mode:
Squad Mode:
Specialty Restriction: No Terminators, No Dreadnoughts
Special Equipment: Totemic Charm (Pectoral)
Beliefs: Emperor Above All
Chapter Status: Overstrength
Chapter Friends: Adeptus Mechanicus, Chartist Captains
Chapter Enemies: Adeptus Administratum, Orks

Chapter Advance Table: Ashen Phoenix
Drive (Any)|100|Skill|
Drive +10|200|Skill|Drive
Drive +20|200|Skill|Drive +10
Pilot (Any)|100|Skill|
Pilot +10|200|Skill|Pilot
Pilot +20|200|Skill|Pilot +10
Rapid Reaction|400|Talent|Ag 40
Hardy|400|Talent|T 40
Chapter Trappings:

Pectorals are traditional symbols of station on Narthis IV and the battle brothers have long used them to signify their positions. They are made out of precious materials strengthened by resins and alloys to withstand the wear and tear of ages.
Scorpion Pectoral: Add +2 to Agility (after all modifiers)
Hawk Pectoral: +3 to Command Tests
Vulture Pectoral: Add +2 to Fellowship (after all modifiers)
Ibis Pectoral: +3 to one single Scholastic Lore

Phoenix Khopesh: As Astartes Power Falchion
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